Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Micro Mission 888 Grant recipients and StoreFrontLab's summer-fall-winter calendar.

Skill Exchange will bring its hands-on workshops to StoreFrontLab in September.

We received 22 remarkable proposals for StoreFrontLab Experiments, and to make things easier, we awarded eight Micro Mission 888 Grant recipients (double the number we anticipated). The full line-up, which includes grantees and others, is fantastic, and getting to know everyone involved has only fueled our excitement. So mark your calendars and watch for more details as each event nears.

July 23–August 12
Deep Craft Atelier

Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable
This community-engaged studio will kick-off StoreFrontLab with a line of Deep Craft items made during the three-week residency.

August 17-August 26
Post-Car Travel Agency

Kristen Saunders, Kelly Gregory and Martina Brimmer
A pop-up travel agency educating visitors about the possibility of car-free vacations and offering a selection of car-free travel accoutrements.

September 7-9
Skill Exchange
Kate Koeppel
Three days of free and low-cost workshops engaging folks of all kinds in the social and economic value of hand-making.
September 22
Strictly Vinyl
Amanda Roscoe Mayo and Roula Seikaly
A one-day music event featuring guest DJs and their favorite vinyl selections.

September 15
Chai and Carrom Social
Priya Living and Sangati Center
A pop-up gathering introducing the pleasures of carrom and chai.

October 13-28
Pallet Playhouse

Steve Walker
A weekend workshop to build a temporary, children's play space from shipping pallets.

January 2013
Purveyors of Obsolete Californias
Heather Smith and Torreya Cummings
An installation exploring the relics and customs of Californias that no longer exist.

February 2013
Todd Laby
A mysterious installation of migrating houses on stilts.

June 28
Occupy Design
A one-night-only event featuring the artists and designers behind Occupy Design, Art is My Occupation, Chalkupy, and Occucards. Infographic screenprinting lab and art show on-site.

November 9
Nancy Botkin and Cheryl Brinkman
A drop-in workshop offering an array of reflective treatments for clothing and bags that'll make you more visible at night.

November 10
Bikes Shorts Music
Brandon Loper and Amanda Loper
An evening of short films and music featuring "Unwieldy Beast," an award-winning documentary about Gary Frank Skaggs and St. Frankenstein, his San Francisco Pianobike.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Want to be a StoreFrontLab intern?

It has taken some time to confirm all of our grant recipients, but we are just about ready to announce our summer/fall season at StoreFrontLab. It's a great line up and an exciting opportunity for all involved — including, we hope, one or two interns.

The StoreFrontLab internship(s) will focus on communications and logistics — everything from social media updates to installation coordination to event planning. Candidate(s) should possess a gift for organizing people and details, strong written and verbal communication skills, familiarity with social media, and a positive attitude. The ability to be hands on with tools, furniture, and general trouble shooting is desired.

The part-time internship(s) will run June 2012 through February 2013. Stipends are commensurate with scope of commitment.

If you know anyone who might enjoy the experience of running a grassroots, community-focused event space, please pass this announcement along. Interested individuals are invited to send a short cover letter and resume to