Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scenes from Saturday's Deep Craft Pop-up Store

Sunshine and Surf Pops by Thought for Food made for especially festive opening at Deep Craft Atelier's Saturday Pop-up store. Deep Craft Atelier, led by artist Scott Constable, is in residence at StoreFrontLab for two more weeks. Each week will culminate in a Saturday Pop-up Store featuring an evolving selection of Deep Craft goods made on site by Constable and fellow craftspeople. 

If you missed last Saturday's opening, and even if you didn't, you'll want to stop by and see the latest offerings from the Deep Craft manufactory.

Thought for Food—Yvonne Mouser, Randall Stowell and Lisa Mishima
—served up hand-made cool, creamy, sweet, and spicy Surf Pops!

Scott Constable talks with a customer.

Deep Craft goods and good company.

Ene Osteraas-Constable.
David Baker with Kate Koeppel, whose Skill Exchange workshops
will take place at StoreFrontLab from September 7-9.

The calms before the opening party.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A preview of Saturday's Deep Craft offerings

Getting ready for business at StoreFrontLab.

Scott Constable's Deep Deck long boards.

Mary Brogger's Rorschach and Surf breast plates.

Jim Christensen neck ties.

Scott's cheese boards and putters.

A closer look at the cheese boards.

New Factory's skate sandcastle mold and Lawrence LaBianca boats.

Deep Jersey by Gabriel Russo for Deep Craft
and other wear by Mary Brogger.

Birdie Knuckles by Mary Brogger.

 Platelets by Mary Brogger.

Lawrence LaBianca's iPhone gramophones and Deep Craft hat.

Mary Brogger's wooden folding seat and ottoman,
and hand-felted, multifunctional wool garment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Join us! Opening Party, this Saturday, July 28

StoreFrontLab | Deep Craft Atelier
Opening Party!
Saturday, July 28, 5:00 to 9:00
Good people, delicious beverages, and tasty snacks. 
RSVP to yes@storefrontlab.org

Goings on at Deep Craft Atelier: Week One

Scott Contable's Deep Deck long boards in process.

Artist Mary Brogger has joined Scott Constable at Deep Craft Atelier this week. Here's a peek at some of goods they're cooking up for Saturday's Pop-up store.

Mary Brogger's Lava and Steam skirts.

Lawrence LaBianca's boats and iPhone gramaphones (must have).
Mary in her fabulous felted raw-wool skirt (with Laika!).
Constable's wood putters and future Deep Decks.

Shipping + Receiving: Call for Wanted Posters

As part of their January 2013 installation at StoreFrontLab, Shipping + Receiving, has issued a Call for Wanted Posters, and assembled a notable line-up of judges:

Rebecca Solnit (Author of River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West, rumored source of Beyonce's baby's name) , Renny Pritikin (Director of the Richard L. Nelson Gallery),the excellent painter and culture writer Jaime Cortez.

Selected posters will be collected in a limited-edition folio and exhibited by Shipping + Receiving in January, as part of its ambitious installation alternate described as clearinghouse for obsolete Californias or the lovechild of the Museum of Jurassic Technology and a feed store. 

Curators Heather Smith and Torreya Cummings write: "We are purposely keeping guidelines vague, because wanting is a big and complicated thing. It could mean wanted for a crime or wanted as in 'I want that.' That said, we are smitten with the submissions we've gotten so far, which include wanted posters for wolf OR7, mustaches, and various poetic concepts." 

Visit www.shippingandreceiving.org for all the details. Deadline is July 31.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Deep Craft Atelier, July 23-August 12: Pop-up Store, Open Studios, Guest Chefs, and Neighborhood Excursions!

We are excited and honored to kick-off our official StoreFrontLab program with Deep Craft Atelier, a three-week artists residency beginning July 23. Deep Craft, led by artist Scott Constable, will launch a line of goods made on site and offered for sale on Saturdays when the space transforms from workshop to pop-up store. 

Deep Craft Atelier will feature Deep Deck, a solid-wood long board made by Constable from reclaimed California woods. Deep Deck, first introduced at SFMOMA in Stephanie Syjuco’s Shadowshop project, reflects the Deep Craft ethos of environmental stewardship and community-scale production that the StoreFrontLab residency celebrates. 

Constable will work in the storefront during a weekday series of open studios, inviting other artists to participate in ‘micro-residencies’ along side him. Deep Craft goods made by Constable and collaborating artists will be sold over three consecutive Saturdays, when the space becomes a pop-up store. Guest chefs will expand the Deep Craft community on Saturdays, serving up their own creations. A percentage of sales will benefit Seven Teepees, a StoreFrontLab neighbor organization supporting youth. 

Deep Craft will also offer Sunday excursions through skate-friendly San Francisco neighborhoods on longboards and other human-powered vehicles. The tours will originate at StoreFrontLab, underscoring the storefront's function as a local marker.

Here are the details on the amazing line-up. We look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks!

Monday–Friday, July 23-August 12, 9:00am to 5:00pm(ish)
Stop and visit with Deep Craft Atelier artists:
Scott Constable—Longboard, Deep Jersey, Deep Craft Goods, deepcraft.org
Gabriel Russo—Deep Jersey, other garments, gabrielrusso.wordpress.com
Lawrence LaBianca—Gramophone, toy boats, lawrencelabianca.com
New Factory—Kites, newfactorysf.com
Jim Christensen—Apparel jachristensen-maker.blogspot.com
Helena Keeffe—Silkscreened wares, helenakeeffe.com
With Ted Ellison, Mary Brogger, Alexandra Blatteis, Ene Osteraas-Constable, Elliott Nathan and others
Hans Kwiotek—Photo Documentation

Pop-up Store
Saturdays, July 28, August 4, and August 10, 10:00am to 4:00pm(ish)
Deep Craft goods made on site plus >>

>>Delectable summer fare from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
July 28–Thought for Food autofuss.com/thoughtforfood/concept
August 4–Cal Peternell, Chez Panisse chef shares his favorite summer foods   
August 11–Leif Hedendal, underground chef and contributor to Outstanding in the Field, prepares locally foraged victuals

Sunday, 8/5, 10:00am to 2:00pm, departing from StoreFrontLab
Undiscovered San Francisco Bike Tour by Daniel Watson-Weller/Streets of San Francisco Bicycle Tours
Other excursions to be announced; check back here for updates.

StoreFrontLab Launch Party
Saturday, July 28, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
RSVP required to yes@storefrontlab.org

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting ready for Deep Craft Atelier!

StoreFrontLab welcomes Jen Tai

We are excited to welcome Jen Tai as our StoreFrontLab intern. Jen hails from the East Coast and completed studies in architecture and city regional planning at UC Berkeley. As a designer at Rebar, she works to organize and manage community-engaged initiatives such as Artplace project in Washington DC.

Jen's interest in cities and the intersections of art, urbanism, and social justice is a great fit with StoreFrontLab's mission. She will partner with us in managing StoreFrontLab's programs and communications. 

She'll be on hand during next week's Deep Craft opening, so be sure to say hello!