Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A peak into the beautiful world of Namita Kapoor

Here's a preview of paintings by Namita Kapoor, which will be on view this Saturday during Carroms and Chai. With carroms, art, hand-made chai, and Sangati Center spinning Indian classics, this afternoon of learning and exchange will be memorable for all.

Scenes from Saturday's Strictly Vinyl

Monday, September 24, 2012

Umm, what is carrom?

It occurs to us that a lot of members of the StoreFrontLab community are probably asking, "What is carrom?" According to Arun Paul, founder of Priya Living:

"It's best to understand carroms as 'finger pool' except that, for Indians carroms is much more enjoyable. You don't need a stick or a cue; you just use your fingers. And because you play seated in one spot at a carrom board or table, the game lends itself to uninterrupted, flowing conversation.  Lastly, carroms can be played anywhere—on the street, floor, in a cafe.  Having the space for a pool table is a real luxury in India."  

Images from www.carromuk.co.uk
If you are new to carrom and planning to stop by, Arun suggests visiting this link to learn the basic rules of the game.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, 9/29 // Carroms and Chai: An Afternoon of Culture, Community, and Learning

Priya Living and the Sangati Center invite all to come learn how to play (or show your skill!) at carrom, the popular Indian board game, and learn the pleasure of making and drinking chai from Deepa Natarajan, who was recently featured at the Oaktown Spice Shop.

Also, an all-vinyl selection of Indian classical music, curated by the Sangati Center, and recent works by artist Namita Kapoor.

Saturday, September 29
2-5:00PM / Chai & Carroms
4:00PM / Chai workshop

337 Shotwell Street, SF

Free! Just click here to register.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strictly Vinyl Guest DJs Spinning Saturday!

Painting by Mark Taylor

We hope you will stop by this Saturday, September 22, for Strictly Vinyl, when curators Amanda Mayo and Roula Seikaly of R&R PROjECTS will bring together vinyl enthusiasts of all stripes to share selections from there collections with commentary. 

Here is the full line up; the format is informal and friendly. Stop by for some listening and discussion, vinyl-inspired paintings by Mark Taylor, and Micheladas! 

Space is limited, so RSVP today.

1:30 Adam Joseph Brochstein /// Metal & Ambient

2:30 Amanda Roscoe Mayo /// Classic Country

3:30 Aaron Harbour /// Folk-Blues

4:30 Adam Thorman /// Bay Area Punk

5:30 George Chen /// 90s Art Rock

6:30 Joshua Kit Clayton /// Electronica & House

7:30 Javier Roberto Carlos /// Bossanova & Latin American

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Next up: Strictly Vinyl, September 22

Vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers take note! Next Saturday, September 22, StoreFrontLab welcomes Strictly Vinyl, a pop-up music experience presented by R&R PROjECTSfeaturing local DJs, avid collectors, and representatives from famous record stores. 

San Francisco is known for many things, including a vibrant music culture defined by record stores and a passion for vinyl. This one-day event takes the form of a live, pop-up radio station with guest DJs presenting gems from their vinyl collections spanning classic country, folk blues, bossa nova, Latin American, electronica, Mission punk, metal, art rock, oldies, and beyond.

Spinning in 30-minute sets, DJs Adam Joseph Broschstein, George Chen, Joshua Kit Clayton, Aaron Harbour, Amanda Roscoe Mayo, Javier Roberto Carlos Briones Menendez, Adam Thorman, and others will explore sounds and genres, sharing insights into the songs, albums, and artists. Selections from each DJ’s collection will be on display for guests to flip through. 

Strictly Vinyl also will feature the art of Mark Taylor, providing a visual experience to contemplate while listening with friends. Taylor's printed album covers don titles, but no accompanying songs, leaving the listener to create the music. Perhaps some of the music from Strictly Vinyl will help.

The format is informal, but space is limited, so be sure to registerThen stop by, come and go, listen, commune, and experience music in this unique setting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Brief Recap from Skill Exchange's Kate Koeppel

Skill Exchange founder Kate Koeppel posted a wonderful recap of her three-day workshop series at StoreFrontLab. As you will see, a good, engaging time was had by all, including Koko. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Skill Exchange workshops are selling out. Get your tickets today!

Skill Exchange's low-cost workshops are selling out. From chicken butchery to basic bike mechanics, this three-day series offers a chance to pick up some new skills and expand your community of curious-minded folks. 

Tickets are still available for the following workshops. Just click on the links below to order your tickets today!

31 RAX 3:00-4:30PM
Essential Knife Skills: Safety, Slicing and Knife Sharpening $5 almost sold out
ALMANAC BEER 6:00-8:00PM 21 and over only
Home Brew and the Beer Industry  $12 almost sold out
Friday All Access Pass 3:00-8:00PM
Provides full access to all 3 workshops $20
Backyard Flocks: Urban Chicken Keeping $8
DAVID HARD 12:30-1:30PM
Nuts and Bolts of Lamp Making: Wiring Basics $8 almost sold out
The Whole Chicken: Butchery, Carving and Making Stock $12 almost sold out
An Introduction to Artisan Salts $8