Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let the creative play begin! This weekend at Pallet Playhouse

The creative play begins this Saturday when kids are invited to transform Pallet Playhouse into a place of their own. We'll have plenty of materials – cardboard, wood, glue, rope and more – on hand. Kids just need to bring their boundless imaginations. 

We're having a party on Saturday, October 27, to celebrate the opening of Pallet Playhouse which will run through Sunday, November 4.

// Saturday, October 27, 4 – 6PM

// Saturday, October 27, 10AM – 4PM
// Sunday, October 28, 10AM – 4PM
// Saturday, November 3, 10AM – 4PM  
// Sunday, November 4, 10AM – 1PM

To RSVP or register go to

Recommended for kids ages 4 and over. Kids must bring a parent, and we'll need a release form signed, too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

November 10: Unwieldy Beast (and so much more)

We're not sure we could ask for more. Screenings of the award-winning short documentary by Brandon Loper. Original rag time performed live by Unwieldy Beast's star, Gary Frank Skaggs on his pianobike, St. Frankenstein. Plus coffee and other inspired beverages by Kevin "Tex" Bohlin of St. Frank, his new coffee company. Brandon will be on hand to discuss Unwieldy Beast and share a sneak peek of his next project, a film exploring the global culture of specialty coffee. Yum!

Saturday, November 10
// 4 – 10PM
// Screenings at 5PM, 7PM, 9PM

It's free, but please register here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reflections upon the Palette Playhouse

StoreFrontLab intern Jen Tai was on hand for last weekend's Pallet Playhouse charrette and construction. Here's her account.

From the renderings of Pallet Playhouse it was hard to know what to expect on Saturday when I joined Steve Walker and his two boys, Cole and Gage, at StoreFrontLab.  Steve explained to me that he wanted to spend the morning facilitating a kids-oriented charrette for exploring their own play structure designs. Rows of stacked palettes, painted red, sat in the corner. Then other kids showed up and the activity exploded.

The kids seemed to know immediately what to do; they found a spot along the table and began taping together the scaled pieces of foamcore that represented palettes. I was surprised by how quickly they were able to connect the idea of making scale models to the actual palette construction. We had discussions regarding access into the playstructures, the number of levels that could be accommodated under the ceiling height, and allowing enough access around each structure. They wanted to see their models in the scale model of the space. 

Once their models were completed, the kids were eager to understand the joinery of the palette system. We demonstrated marking off places to drill, the use of a power drill, and showed the kids how to screw in lag bolts with a rachet. Much of the assembly of the structure was then completed by the adult volunteers through the course of the weekend.  

I’m excited to see what additions children will make to this armature next week during the Palette Playhouse’s open hours. We'll be providing materials and tools, the rest will be up to their imagination. Be sure to stop by!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Leading experts help design Pallet Playhouse

Last weekend Steve Walker Studio assembled a group of leading experts to help design and build Pallet Playhouse, an interactive structure for creative play. The team spent the morning designing the playhouse made of shipping pallets, then began assembling the structure in the afternoon. 

Pallet Playhouse will be open to the public for two weekends starting next Saturday. Kids are welcome to stop by and join in adding their own design vision from 10am–4pm (Register here!). There is also an opening party on Saturday, October 27, from 4-6 pm (RSVP). 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reflectorize! Coming November 9-10

The end of daylight savings and the shortening days are a good reminder for cyclists and pedestrians to take care and stay visible when traveling after dark. Fortunately Reflectorize!, a two-day open workshop, will offer an array of reflective treatments for clothing and bags that'll get the attention of drivers. We'll have a variety of reflective material for you to sew, iron, or embroider onto your clothing and bags. Or bring a knitting project to incorporate reflective yarn. Sewing and ironing equipment provided, along with beverages and snacks! 

Reflectorize is free, but we hope you'll show your gratitude by making a donation to the SF Bicycle Coalition. To sign-up and donate, visit the links below.

// Friday, November 9 // 6 – 9PM  Register today!
// Saturday, November 10 // 10AM - 1PM  Register today!

Contact Reflectorize! mastermind Nancy Botkin if you have questions.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Calling young builders, designers and creators! Pallet Playhouse needs you!

Pallet Playhouse, an experiential activity for children created by Steve Walker Studio, appears at StoreFrontLab for three weekends starting Saturday, October 20. Composed of shipping pallets and a simple bolting system, Pallet Playhouse invites kids ages 4 and over to engage in the design and making of a play space. Once the pallet structure is built, kids will add the creative details and finishing touches over two weekends. All activities are free, but space is limited, so be sure to register in advance.

Saturday, October 20
// 10AM – 12PM // Kids Design Charrette
// 1PM – through Sunday // Construction
Using cardboard miniatures of the pallets, kids will help design Pallet Playhouse at StoreFrontLab. Construction of the playhouse structure will begin in the afternoon. Those who'd like to join in should contact Steve Walker at for more details.

Saturday, October 27
// 4PM – 6PM // Opening Party // RSVP
Come celebrate the completion of Pallet Playhouse with some good food, satisfying drinks, and friends old and new.

Open Playhouse // Sign up below!
Let the creative play begin! Kids are invited to help make Pallet Playhouse their own through the addition of design elements and creative finishes. Materials provided! Children must bring a parent, and we'll need a release form signed, too.

// Saturday, October 27, 10AM – 4PM  Register
// Sunday, October 28, 10AM – 4PM  Register 
// Saturday, November 3, 10AM – 4PM  Register 
// Sunday, November 4, 10AM – 1PM  Register

Questions? Contact us at