Thursday, October 16, 2014

City Makers Salon Series Kicks Off with SITELAB's Laura Crescimano

Courtesy of SITELAB urban studio

City Makers, a new salon series sponsored by TraceSF, kicks off on October 28 at StoreFrontlab. Hosted by Amanda Loper of David Baker Architects and Emily Gosack of Jensen Architects, City Makers grew out of a desire to hear more from the women at the forefront of City Making, but their larger aim is to create an ongoing conversation that expands the notion of who makes our cities.

First up is Laura Crescimano, a founding principal of SITELAB urban studio, the San Francisco-based design strategy firm that is rethinking how we create public spaces. After launching in 2012, SITELAB’s research-driven approach to understanding what makes communities and spaces hum quickly captured the attention of some big players, but Crescimano and her partners, Evan Rose and Elanor Pries, are interested in all scales of city making. Her recent projects range from master plans for the 5M Project and Pier 70, both with Forest City, to a 300-pixel infographic for the non-proift, Destination Home.

Loper and Gosack promise real discussion, curated drinks and a special twist—each featured city maker invites the next city maker and serves as moderator—will keep the salon fresh and expanding.

City Makers
Tuesday, October 28
Free, but space is limited

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October 19 Closing Reception

This Sunday, October 19, 2014 marks the closing of StoreFrontLab's first show in the City Making series. Ilyse Iris Magy's Lines Made by Walking and Miguel Arzabe's Sightlines extended the bounds of the StoreFrontLab gallery by leading visitors to the city's edge and the greater Bay Area. 

Both Magy and Arzabe's ever-evolving gallery installations chart the progression of these walks. The artists tell two very different city narratives, each through a unique language of mapping.

Please join us as we take a final look at how these two artists have charted our city.

Closing Reception
Sunday, October 19, 2014

[Coming up, October 24-26, 2014: I Love Extremophiles! by GRNASFCK]

Lines Made by Walking, 2014
Artist Ilyse Iris Magy (far right) leads participants towards Ocean Beach from the Mission District. 

Lines Made by Walking, 2014
Perched on Mount Davidson, San Francisco's highest point, artist Ilyse Iris Magy (center)with Tom Wiltzius (left) and Rachel Cassandra (right), discuss the topology and microclimates of the city

Miguel Arzabe
From left to right: Sightlines Excursion Two, October 6th, 2014, Wildcat Canyon; Sightlines Dirt Drawing Two, 2014, site-specific dirt on Fabriano paper, 28in x 40in

Miguel Arzabe
Sightlines Excursion Three, October 10th, 2014, Montara Mountain

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 24-26: I Love Extremophiles

October 24-26, 2014

StoreFrontLab is pleased to present the upcoming exhibition, I Love Extremophiles, by New York-based experimental landscape studio, GRNASFCK, opening Friday, October 24. Get back to basics with extremophile bacteria, nature's original metabolic organisms, and now the de-facto stewards of the post-industrial landscape. GRNASFCK will transform the gallery into a laboratory and a conference center to illuminate the forms and habitats of these little-known urban citizens, and examine diversity and hyper-resiliancy at the microscale.

On Saturday, October 25, GRNASFCK's Summit on Invisible Urbanism will gather experts* for a discussion about the potential for extremophiles to act as silent partners in the remediation of contaminated urban sites, and the possibility of design to act as a physical coping mechanism when challenged by environmental flux. How does one thrive in a wasteland?

March to the EPA!
Friday October 24, 3pm
Please email studio*at*greenasfuck*dot*com for covert details

Opening Happy Hour
Friday October 24, 6-8pm
Stop by for some post-protest libations with GRNASFCK

Summit on Invisible Urbanism
Saturday October 25, 11am-2pm
*Panelists to be announced. Stay tuned!
RSVP here

Gallery Open Hours
12-6pm all weekend

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Miguel Arzabe's Excursions

Upcoming Excursions:
Monday October 6, 9AM - 1PM
Friday October 10, 9AM - 1PM
Monday October 13, 9AM - 1PM
Saturday October 18, 9AM - 1PM

Join StoreFrontLab artist-in-residence Miguel Arzabe on outings throughout the Bay Area for his performance series Excursions, the offsite component to his current StoreFrontLab installation, sightlines.

Last Friday, September 26, Arzabe led a small group of hikers on an extraordinary excursion through a Coastal Redwood trail in southeast Oakland. It was a silent hike that commenced in a residential neighborhood, transected the unusual site of an urban fly-fishing pool and climbed through a steep grade of waterfalls, ferns, and footbridges before arriving at the overlook. Upon arrival, the group delighted in their discovery of an embedded concrete tablet, relocated from the StoreFrontLab gallery space.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming excursion, please email: arzabe*at*gmail