Agitate by darryl Jones

Agitate by darryl Jones


A project by Space Open, led by Robert Glass & Darryl Jones

We have arrived at a tenuous moment of global shift; a precipice of opposing sociopolitical values all vying for mainstream inclusion. As we approach this apex of change, we find ourselves grasping for connection and camaraderie; our physical intimacy has literally been torn apart by remote communication, culture wars, and economic disparity. CLIMAX, a collaborative project led by Space Open, embraces this moment of social and political upheaval. Through provocative, intimate, and performative events, CLIMAX carries us through to the other side.

In CLIMAX, the boundaries between self and other are tested as the audience becomes artists and actors over four Saturday nights of immersive experiences and euphoric reflection:

Agitate - February 18
Embrace - March 11
Release - April 14
Indulge - May 13

All events are free, registration is recommended.