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OFFICE WORK // Office Birthday Party!

OFFICE WORK // Carrie Sinclair Katz, Jon Gourley, and The Big Conversation Space (Niki Korth and Clemence de Montgolfier)

Office Work is a social practice project that repurposes the vocabulary and technology of the office and of contemporary art in order to facilitate encounters with the human side of work, the absurd side of labor, and the creative side of knowledge.

The offices of Gourley and Korth are both celebrating their birthdays, and you’re invited to the office party! Come enjoy the sheet cake and mingling around the water cooler. All departments will remain open for consultation during the event.

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Plants provided by San Francisco Plant Company

Images contain icons from Lance Hancock, Michael Loupos, Saman Bemel-Benrud, Dan Lowenstein, Edward Boatman, iconoci, Tuktuk Design, Chris Thoburn, Chiara Rossi, Krisada, Marco Galtarossa, and Ainsley Wagoner for The Noun Project