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Towards a Compassionate City: A Conversation About Homeless Encampments

A Conversation About Homeless Encampments

October 11
BETWEEN CRIMINALIZATION AND CARE: Policing and Social Service Outreach in
San Francisco's Homeless Encampments

Part of a three-part series taking a closer look at homeless encampments and interim measures for addressing the homeless crisis, the panel examines show policing and social service outreach plays out on the streets of San Francisco on a day-to-day basis and what impact this has both on those experiencing homelessness and on the rest of the city. It will also provide a historical and national context for the roles and impacts of "quality of life" laws aimed at homelessness, similar to those initiatives on the November ballot and currently operating in San Francisco. Collectively this night will provide the necessary context to understand the opportunities and limits of the interim solutions discussed on the other two panels.

Confirmed speakers
Elizabeth Brown -  Professor of Criminal Justice Studies, San Francisco State University
Dilara Yarbrough and TJ Johnston - UC Berkeley Human Rights Center and Coalition on Homelessness
Chris Herring -  PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley Sociology (Moderator)

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$10 suggested donation benefits the Coalition on Homelessness