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Tarot Workshop // Transatuamancy

  • StoreFrontLab 337 Shotwell Street San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)

The purpose of reading signs and symbols is not to tell the future but instead a method by which we can better be with the unknown. This workshop, led by artist and tarologist Sadie Harmon, will combine the science of the Tarot with the Science of Transataumancy (the interpretation of signs made by things that seemingly randomly cross one's path). The transataumic "deck" has been curated from Harmon’s collection of things happened upon accidentally and then incorporated into a magical practice. Participants will select a series of objects that will be placed together into various spreads, which will then be read for the participants by Harmon.

The workshop is part the exhibition, Dimensions of Time and Space, by Lauren Marie Taylor, running concurrently with Thoughts on the Cyanometer, by Lindsay Tunkl. The two projects, classified by StoreFrontLab as The Unknown: Inquiries + Assertions, probe metaphysical and cultural pursuits into the meaning of existence.

Dimensions of Time and Space
Dimensions of Time and Space is anexploration by Lauren Marie Taylor of the cultural constructions—historical, scientific, spiritual and metaphysical—that shape our understanding of what we experience as time and space. Through weekly workshops led by artists and thinkers, the public is invited to participate in the investigation. Youth groups are invited to reflect on their own understandings of time and space. Over the month, the StoreFrontLab project space will become a laboratory for presenting these ongoing inquiries. 

Thoughts on the Cyanometer
Collectively and individually, humanity has always strived to understand their existence in a world that often eludes them. Through a month long installation and a one night presentation in StoreFrontLab's new annex space, Lindsay Tunkl invites the viewer to explore constructs such as time, metaphysical inquiries, and art’s attempts at making sense of our existence in an interrogation of humanity’s many attempts to quantify the unquantifiable.