Arianne Gelardin is a San Francisco-based artist and curator. She works to dress the mundane with colorful moments and thoughtful interruptions, breaking us free from habitual attitudes and auto-responses. Arianne is Curator at StoreFrontLab, a space for ideas and dialogue, hosting experiments lasting from one day to one month. The current series, The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future, prompts participants to push beyond the bounds of their practice in order to develop an expanded and unexpected view of reality—one that informs our work as creators and shapers of society.


Cara Levine is an artist in the Bay Area. She explores the intersections of the physical, metaphysical, traumatic and illusionary through video, photography and sculpture.  She has worked for years through ideas around chronic pain and the body--though it has been in the last year--while coming into her adult body as a chronic migraineur, that her understanding of pain, perceptual experience and creativity has formally merged. She is humbled and honored to be co-curating this show in celebration of her lifelong literary hero, Dr. Oliver Sacks.