If (1): Perception = reality, then (2): The instant of perception is the most real.
(The Farther We Drift The Closer We Become).

Through an integrated installation, the five senses are individually mobilized to highlight the self in the act of perceiving. Following a semester of research into how the body-mind transforms external stimuli into aesthetic experience and ultimately meaning, CCA’s Space/Message/Experience studio has produced an immersive environment that isolates the moment of perception. Fixing us in that moment, we experience a sense of awakening as the myriad flickers of perception that constitute our consciousness are focused into essential singularities.

Opening Reception
Saturday, Dec 10, 5:00-8pm

Gallery Open Hours
Mon-Fri, 6-8pm

Closing Reception
Saturday, Dec 17, 2-4pm

Kayleen Dejesus
Essie Kim
Jared Kitade
Suki Leung
Cesar Liang-Wei
Haley Park
Mitchell Price
Angela Sevilla
Aaron Sisneros
Kelly Wu

Gregory Hurcomb
Jeremy Mende