If the sum of human knowledge is merely a speck of dust on a window, we invite designers, artists, and thinkers to speculate on the incomprehensible world beyond that window.

What underlying philosophies guide and motivate us as we design cities, advance medicine, create art? What principles fuel our most vital decisions?

For the upcoming Season 3: The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future, StoreFrontLab invites creative thinkers to explore the fundamental questions of humanity. Designers, artists, researchers, musicians, writers, philosophers, scientists, and futurists are encouraged to push beyond the bounds of their practice in order to develop an expanded and unexpected view of realityone that informs our work as creators and shapers of society.

The Bay Area has always been a breeding ground for cultural revolution and technological innovation. From the Gold Rush to Google, New Age to social media, the region attracts inquisitive thinkers and doers. Extending our gaze from urbanism out into the natural and supernatural sciences, StoreFrontLab welcomes proposals for a series of investigations that visualize and make tangible the grandest of ideas in the realm of the unfathomable and fantastic.

What if the most profound answers lay far beyond our usual modes of inquiry? Why do we dream? Why are we here? Can a machine think? What will happen to us after we die? Is there a place for us among the stars? By indulging in the loftiest of questions, we may discover a common ground amidst our differences.

StoreFrontLab is a small space for big ideas, a venue for dialogue and constructive public engagement. We are interested in participatory projects that bridge disciplines and prompt discussion. Salons, interactive and performative installations, lectures, film screenings, workshops, pop-ups, poetry, music and other experiments lasting one day to one month are all up for consideration.

The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers.
— James Baldwin