Week 1: September 26 - 29
The Body and Some of Its Parts

This week of the Indigo Mind exhibition examines movement and proprioception; the experience of the body in space. How do we feel our physical selves and how do we attach an identity to it, irrespective of physical norms? There are no norms. The body is represented by its extensions and prostheses; a cane, a hammer, a chair, or another human being—our sense of self is explored and expressed through the body and its every physical gesture.

Sherrie Aradanas, AXIS Dance, Alexandria Bell, Lisa Bufano, Gina Demerell, Sonsheree Giles, Petra Kuppers, Cara Levine, Neil Marcus, Anna Mayer, Bill Morrison, and Valerie Tribble

Curated by Arianne Gelardin + Cara Levine
Indigo Mind: Celebrating the Work of Oliver Sacks
September 26 - November 5, 2015
Exhibition Hours: Thursdays -Tuesdays, 12-5pm

Artwork by Carissa Potter