Week 3 - October 8 - 13
Manifesting Language

On the surface, Seeing Voices appears to be about deafness, but what is immediately revealed to the newcomer is a journey into language, consciousness, and the employment of symbols to enable both interpersonal communication and abstract thought. The artworks in this week’s focus bring to light the nuance of experiencing a world without noise, and instead, one of touch, vibration, sign, body movement, and the ways that human relationships develop therein. 

Terri Bowden, Casey Byrnes, James Davis, Arianne Gelardin, Neil Marcus, and Alison O’Daniel

Curated by Arianne Gelardin + Cara Levine
Indigo Mind: Celebrating the Work of Oliver Sacks
September 26 - November 5, 2015
Exhibition Hours: Thursdays -Tuesdays, 12-5pm

Artwork by Carissa Potter