Week 5, October 22-27
Chronicles of Perception

Hallucinations explores altered states produced by sensory deprivation, intoxication, injury, meditation, or simply, curiosity. Hallucinations take many forms: visual apparitions, embodied physical sensations, auditory phantoms, geometric shapes and color fields. Hallucinatory experience has largely informed various cultural underpinnings: from spiritual inquiry and mystical narrative, to artistic expression and oral history. 

Michelle Blade, Shannon Bronson, Desiree Holman,  Ali Naschke-Messing, Carlos Perez, William Tyler, and Amber Jean Young 

Curated by Arianne Gelardin + Cara Levine
Indigo Mind: Celebrating the Work of Oliver Sacks
September 26 - November 5, 2015
Exhibition Hours: Thursdays -Tuesdays, 12-5pm

Artwork by Carissa Potter