Announcing Season 3 Grantees


StoreFrontLab is pleased to announce the grant recipients for The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future, StoreFrontLab's 2015-2016 season of exhibitions, installations, talks, workshops and experiences, curated by Jacob Palmer and Arianne Gelardin. Reviewed with the guidance of our Advisory Board, the seven selected projects explore underlying doctrines that guide and motivate us as we design cities, advance medicine, and create art. The Unknown asks our community to consider the many fundamental principles that fuel our most vital decisions. 

Learn more about The Unknown, which launches next Wednesday, and join us in congratulating our grantees:

MMYR—Yoann Resmond and Michael Mersereau
Awe Lab—Jenn Doyle Crane and Amy Ress
Soundings—Christopher Damien and Eric Herron
Thoughts on the Cyanometer and Quantifying the Unquantifiable—Lindsay Tunkl
Sound and Consciousness—Jotî Dee and Aver Collective (Laura Cohen and Colin Wang)
Dimensions of Time and Space—Lauren Marie Taylor
The Wild Known / Machines for Absurd Living—The Absurdist (Manuelita Antonio Rangel-Sosa and Johannes Seemann)