StoreFrontLab Call for Proposals
StoreFrontLab is a year-long exploration of storefronts as places of community, creativity and local industry. Located at 337 Shotwell Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, and funded by the Micro Mission 888 Foundation, StoreFrontLab invites proposals for experiments lasting from one day to one month.

We don’t mean to be vague, but just as a storefront can serve many purposes — from an accountant’s office to a cafe, and from a neighborhood grocery to an atelier — we’re imagining an eclectic mix of proposals. Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing:

  • An installation, activity or event that capitalizes on the storefront’s lens-like quality
  • An apothecary specializing in potions for peace and love
  • A temporary workshop with an endgame in mind
  • Exhibits, lectures, readings, performances, pop-up stores and anything else that builds community and positive thinking

Micro Mission 888 Grants!
Up to four proposers will receive an $888 Micro Mission 888 Grant to support the development and implementation of their proposals. We reserve the right to make smaller grants to spread the support around or to make none at all.

The Finer Details
We’ll provide the space (plan available soon!), promotions, some logistical support, access to any tools we have on hand, and a “really cool” opening party.

Proposers are responsible for the development, installation or production of their proposals, and leaving the space ready for the next project.

Commercial ventures are welcome as long as they are local, clever, crafty, provocative or otherwise intriguing. We won’t tax any proceeds, but it’s up to you to settle with Governor Brown.

We welcome proposals from all over as long as they demonstrate the wherewithal to make it happen here on Shotwell Street.

Look Before You Leap
We’ll open StoreFrontLab on Sunday, February 5, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm for those who would like to see the space or ask questions.

How to Submit
To apply, please send us a PDF including the following information and materials by 11:59pm on Thursday, March 1:

Page 1: Contact Information
  • Name
  • Organization (if applicable)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Names and roles of collaborators (if any)
  • A brief, one-paragraph summary of your proposal describing the format (e.g. exhibit, salon, pop-up store, etc.) and intent.
  • Duration of proposed project (in days, 1 to 31)

Page 2: Project Proposal (we’re serious, just one page)
  • A detailed project description
  • Any special requirements

Brief Portfolio (10 pages maximum)
  • Related projects
  • Other experience that illustrates your ability to successfully realize creative projects
  • You may include links to your web site and other online archives

Bio and Resume Highlights (one page per person)

You may send your PDF by email to However, if your PDF is more than 10MG in size, please submit it using YouSendIt, Dropbox, Google Docs, or similar service, and send us an email letting us know to expect it. We'll send you an email confirming that we received it.

January 16: Call for proposals issued
February 5: Site visit, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
March 1: Proposals due
April 1: Participants notified (no foolin’!)
June 1: Grand opening!

Just ask! We’ll respond as soon as we can.