We had a great night with Occupy Design's Phantom Gallery

Occupy Design's Phantom Gallery appeared Thursday night at StoreFrontLab bringing an inspiring mix of posters, people and skill exchange. Naomi Pitcairn and her Chalkupy crew kicked off the evening with a demonstration and talk explaining how she's translated her background in billboard painting into a tool for activism. Jason Justice told the story of how he came to produce Occucards, an educational series, and Favianna Rodgriguez, a printmaker and digital artist, shared her very personal response to immigration laws, sexual politics, and other hot-button social issues. Finally, Jake Levitas, one of Occupy Design's founders, discussed the power of data and the need for clear visual messages in a sound-bite, snapshot culture. 

Thomas Deckert's DIY silkscreening station and a wall full of Occupy Design's crowd-sourced posters, curated by Martha Pettit, brought it all together. At the evening's end, attendees newly screened t-shirts were invited to take the posters away, out to the streets, to continue spreading the word.

Chalkupy makes a statement.
Naomi Pitcairn explains how it's done.
A reinvigorated hoody.

And other unexpected gifts.