Scenes from Saturday's Deep Craft Pop-up Store

Sunshine and Surf Pops by Thought for Food made for especially festive opening at Deep Craft Atelier's Saturday Pop-up store. Deep Craft Atelier, led by artist Scott Constable, is in residence at StoreFrontLab for two more weeks. Each week will culminate in a Saturday Pop-up Store featuring an evolving selection of Deep Craft goods made on site by Constable and fellow craftspeople. 

If you missed last Saturday's opening, and even if you didn't, you'll want to stop by and see the latest offerings from the Deep Craft manufactory.

Thought for Food—Yvonne Mouser, Randall Stowell and Lisa Mishima
—served up hand-made cool, creamy, sweet, and spicy Surf Pops!

Scott Constable talks with a customer.

Deep Craft goods and good company.

Ene Osteraas-Constable.
David Baker with Kate Koeppel, whose Skill Exchange workshops
will take place at StoreFrontLab from September 7-9.

The calms before the opening party.