Next up: Strictly Vinyl, September 22

Vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers take note! Next Saturday, September 22, StoreFrontLab welcomes Strictly Vinyl, a pop-up music experience presented by R&R PROjECTSfeaturing local DJs, avid collectors, and representatives from famous record stores. 

San Francisco is known for many things, including a vibrant music culture defined by record stores and a passion for vinyl. This one-day event takes the form of a live, pop-up radio station with guest DJs presenting gems from their vinyl collections spanning classic country, folk blues, bossa nova, Latin American, electronica, Mission punk, metal, art rock, oldies, and beyond.

Spinning in 30-minute sets, DJs Adam Joseph Broschstein, George Chen, Joshua Kit Clayton, Aaron Harbour, Amanda Roscoe Mayo, Javier Roberto Carlos Briones Menendez, Adam Thorman, and others will explore sounds and genres, sharing insights into the songs, albums, and artists. Selections from each DJ’s collection will be on display for guests to flip through. 

Strictly Vinyl also will feature the art of Mark Taylor, providing a visual experience to contemplate while listening with friends. Taylor's printed album covers don titles, but no accompanying songs, leaving the listener to create the music. Perhaps some of the music from Strictly Vinyl will help.

The format is informal, but space is limited, so be sure to registerThen stop by, come and go, listen, commune, and experience music in this unique setting.