February 7-23 // Homing: An Art Installation

"Migrating Houses" by Todd Laby
In February, we will welcome visual artists Todd Laby, Audrey Heller and Pamela Merory Dernham, whose provocative installation and exhibit will conclude our inaugural season at StoreFrontLab.

Homing, which opens on February 7, comprises three works in dialogue exploring our unsettled notions of origin, memory, and finding one’s bearings. 

Laby’s “Migrating Houses,” sculpted wooden houses teetering on tall spindly legs, roam the storefront. Merory Dernham’s sculptural works in wire delve into complex questions surrounding human connectedness and the varied reality of where home is. Finally, Laby and Heller’s collaboration “Moving Boxes” invites viewers to peer into an array of miniature worlds of domestic emotions and memories.

You can learn more by reading their artists' statement, but as with Laby's wandering herd of houses, we think there is something to be said for embracing the mysteriousness.

Exhibit Hours
// February 7–February 23, 2013
// Wednesdays, 11:30AM-1:30PM
// Thurdays-Saturdays, 3PM-7PM

Opening Reception
// Thursday, February 7, 7PM-9PM  RSVP

Closing Reception
// Saturday, February 23, 7PM-9PM  RSVP