Season 2: City Making Series
// Call for Proposals Q&A

Photo by Matthew Millman
We've had a few questions regarding our Season 2 Call for Proposals. Here they are along with our responses.

Q: I missed the open houses. Is there another opportunity to see the StoreFrontLab space?

A: Yes. Stop by on Wednesday, March 12, between 4:00PM to 6:30PM, to see the space and ask questions.  

Q: What exactly do you mean by "city making"? Are you focusing on architecture and urban design or are you thinking more broadly?

A: We are open to a broad range of ideas that explore the physical, social and experiential dimensions of cities. Our plan is to take a look at all of the proposals and work with our advisory committee to make selections. If it makes sense, we may organize the season around one or more topics or themes.

Q: Who is the advisory committee?

A: We'll announce this very soon. Stay tuned!

Q: When will Season 2 start and how long will it run?

A: Our plan is to kick-off Season 2 this summer and run programs for a year.

Q: Can we request specific dates for our proposal?

A: Yes. We'll make every effort to accommodate schedule requests.

Q: Should proposals attempt to program the entire storefront or will two or more proposals run concurrently?

A: Our focus on storefronts as community activators favors proposals that take full advantage of the space. That said, we wouldn't rule out the possibility of running complementary proposals concurrently.

Q: How many $888 Micro Mission 888 Grant do you plan to award?

A: We've revised the call for proposals section covering these grants as follows: "We will award up to eight $888 Micro Mission 888 Grants to support the development and implementation of selected proposals." 

Q: Does StoreFrontLab have regular open hours?

A: No, StoreFrontLab's hours vary depending on the program. While we will provide support during events, proposers are responsible for staffing general open hours.

We welcome more questions; just send them to: