Excursion #1 with Miguel Arzabe, Friday September 26, 9am-1pm

Miguel Arzabe, sightlines, cement tablet (detail) 2014

Please join SFL artist Miguel Arzabe this Friday, September 26, at 8:45 am for Excursion #1, part of his current StoreFrontLab installation, sightlines. Arzabe will lead participants on a silent hike to an undisclosed hill on public land to reveal a secret vista point that is at the same elevation as the top of the TransAmerica Pyramid.

Excursion #1, Friday September 26, 9am - 1pm.

1. Participants are invited to hike 1.5 miles each way with an elevation gain of 853 feet.

2. Be sure to bring sturdy footwear, sun protection, water, and a snack/lunch.

3. The excursion will be a silent hike, so once the participants enter into the StoreFrontLab gallery, they will take a vow of silence. 

4. Participants will leave the gallery at 9 am. The artist can fit four people in his car, if there are more people, we will arrange a car pool beforehand. The car ride to the trail head will be no more than a 35 minute drive with traffic.

5. Upon arrival at the trailhead, participants will each be given a slip of paper with simple instructions. 

6. The climb will commence.

7. Upon arrival at the vista point, a signal will be given that the vow of silence has ended.

8. Rest, eat, socialize.

9. Hike back to car

10. Drive back to StoreFrontLab by 1pm.

If you are interested in participating, please email arzabe*at*gmail