Felt Book


As a preamble to Season 3: The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future, StoreFrontLab hosted the San Francisco launch of Felt Book, a project by The Institute for New Feeling. Felt Book is a collection of home remedies, treatments and instructionals from over 60 invited artists all over the world. Borrowing the structure of Fluxus scores, youtube tutorials and eHow articles, this curated publication asks artists to consider IfNf’s core mission: to explore "new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new.” 

This event at StoreFrontLab was part of a month-long cross country tour during the month of July, with stops at Recess (NY), SEDIMENT (Richmond),Vox Populi (Philadelphia), The Luminary (St. Louis), Skylab (Columbus), Threewalls (Chicago), among others. 

In 2015, the Felt Book is distributed as a weekly email subscription called eFELT; the complete e-book will be released in 2016. 

Earlier this year, an opening Felt Book exhibition was held at Spaces gallery (Jan-March 2015), and the project was featured as an hour-long broadcast on KCHUNG radio in Los Angeles. 


Left to right: IfNf Insole, IfNf Products, video still from Kim Laughton's “Siliconscious,” video still from Jeremy Couillard's “Remedy for the Daily Grind,” video still from Everything is Terrible's "FACIAL MAGIC RITUAL!!!!", audience at Recess (NY), video still from Aaron Henderson's “A Momentary Cure for Gravity,” prints of Jesse McLean’s “ HANG IN THERE: an activity for an uncertain age," IfNf Pillow (cement)