Many thanks to those who could make it to the Pre-proposal Open House. Here's a recap of a few questions that came up about Season 3 // The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future:

What is StoreFrontLab?

StoreFrontLab is a space for dialogue and engagement. We host projects that are interactive and that encourage the general public to engage within a larger conversation and community. Visuals or materials installed within the project space are considered tools for dialogue, rather than works on view.


We tend to construct a somewhat myopic view of the world, centered around individuality, immediate responsibility, work, and personal relationships. THE UNKNOWN is a "perspective check" that draws us out of the realm of the familiar and beyond the human scale. In this strange place of fundamental inquiry, we hope to find commonalities amidst our differences, and perhaps re-examine the daily goals that seemed so very important just a moment before. Charles and Ray Eames frame it nicely in Powers of Ten (1977):


Can I apply to more than one category?

Yes. If you have a project in mind that takes the form of more than one format, you may submit a proposal that combines elements of some or all of the categories: Installation, Salon, Instagram, or Vitrine. Alternately, you may submit multiple proposals separately, each of which take on a single category. Our curators may also select individual projects to run concurrently in the gallery.

Do I need to outline a programming strategy?

We are interested in your strategy for engaging the public and drawing people to StoreFrontLab. If you have ideas about programming for your project, we encourage you to share these in your proposal. Our curatorial team will work with you to both generate and refine programming to add depth and engagement to your project.

How does the grant work?

This season’s Micro Mission 888 Grants will range from $88 to $1,888, relative to the scope and complexity of each project. You may list an estimated budget in your proposal, but it is not required at this stage.

Can past grantees submit to Season 3?

Yes. While StoreFrontLab intends to spread our grants far and wide across the Bay Area, we would also like to build upon past collaborations.

How are the proposals evaluated?

StoreFrontLab looks at the clarity of the proposed concept, as well as the portfolio of past work. It is most helpful to open your proposal with a succinct, 1-2 sentence pitch, followed by a more detailed description. The portfolio does not necessarily have to present a body of work related to the current concept, rather, it should demonstrate one's ability to follow through and make things happen, be it through work, academic projects, or past collaborations.

How does the schedule work?

Season 3 will run from September 2015 through May 2016. If you have a preferred time of year in mind for your project, please specify in your proposal. StoreFrontLab will organize the season's schedule based on the dynamic of accepted projects.

What are StoreFrontLab’s hours?

StoreFrontLab’s hours are set on a project by project basis. Proposers are responsible for staffing open hours. Our small team is generally present during special events, but we leave it up to you to maintain your general project open hours, which tend to be on the weekends and/or one or two days during the week, depending on the project type.

I have an idea, but I don't know if it suits the concept of THE UNKNOWN. What should I do?

Email us! We're happy to offer feedback before the June 30th deadline.