THE UNKNOWN // Advisory Board Announced

Proposals due June 30, 2015

StoreFrontLab is pleased to introduce our advisory board for the upcoming Season 3: The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future. In the coming weeks, we will convene this remarkable group of spirited, creative thinkers and doers from various art and design disciplines to review proposals and recommend selections. We are honored to have their participation.

Allison Arieff, SPUR
David Fletcher, Fletcher Studio
Rob Forbes, Public Bikes
Teri Gardiner, Ramon's Tailor
Marc Mayer, Asian Art Museum
Jeremy Mende, MendeDesign
Frank Merritt, Ramon's Tailor
Heidi Rabben, Kadist
Alison Sant, Studio for Urban Projects
Alexandra Stein, Artist + Educator
Murphy Stein, R&D, Google
Marline Zaibak, Producer + Curator, Melbourne-San Francisco

Proposals are due June 30, 2015 and we will announce selected projects at the end of July. Feel free to contact us with questions and be sure to review the Submittal Guidelines and FAQs.