Tribute to the Abeceda!

Tribute to the Abstract Poetic Object: the Letter.

In 1922, Czech Surrealist writer Vítezslav Nezval challenged poetic form by rejecting the meaning of language altogether, looking instead to the aesthetic formalism of the printed word. He generated twenty-four poems, which were then interpreted by Avant Garde dancer Milka Mayerová --“She was thus the poems’ poetic medium.” Karel Tiege, (l’enfant terrible of the Czech modern avant-garde, ] designed the scenography using Constructivist typographic symbols as motifs for dynamic compositions. The 1926 publication, Abeceda, celebrates the simple, graphic beauty of the letter which, Nezval suggests, is a pretext for gymnastics of the mind. 

The Absurdist’s’ Tribute to Abeceda celebrates the close of the exhibition, Machines for Absurd Living, as well as the conclusion of StoreFrontLab’s Season 3: The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future.

Also, for those thinking of submitting a proposal for our season 4 call, please feel free to swing by the space during the event for a little informal open house/Q.A. (6:30-8:30pm)