Season 4: NOW! Deadline Extended to June 24 + Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a number of questions regarding Season 4: NOW! Call for Proposals. Responses are now available on our website. To allow proposers additional time to consider this new information, we are extending the deadline to FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 5PM. 

What is the amount of the 888 Grant?
This season 888 Grants for selected proposals will range from $288 to $2888.

Can you tell us more about your selection and curatorial processes?
StoreFrontLab’s Advisory Board assists with reviewing and shortlisting proposals. Our curatorial team then conducts interviews and makes final recommendations. As in previous seasons, grantees will work with the StoreFrontLab curatorial team to refine their project concepts, produce public programming, and develop a public dialogue around their work.

Why is Season 4 focused on shorter term, event-based projects? Can you provide examples?
Our intention for this season is to dig deep into two to three large concepts that are visually anchored within the StoreFrontLab exhibition space, and complemented by shorter term, event-based projects that break down these ideas into specifics. The longer term exhibitions may address overarching themes such as systemic racism, economic inequality, or public health through dynamic mediums such as sound, performance, and media; Nam Jun Paik meets Joan Didion. The shorter term, event-based projects may take the form of happenings, gatherings or demonstrations; Allan Kaprow meets Alice Waters.

How will Season 4 build upon Season 3?
Season 4: NOW! focuses on direct action, rather than works on display that prompt philosophical discussion. Our previous Season 3: The Unknown, the Unknowable, The Future, built a framework of ideas that challenged our sense of self within the grand scheme of things. NOW! asks that we create a tangible, physical response to this new-found awareness, considering how we, as individuals, are part of a complex ecosystem of social and global dynamics. The Unknown was thought-provoking, futuristic and existential. NOW! will sit precisely in the present moment: raucous, impassioned, troubling, optimistic, and tangible.

Can I submit a proposal to Season 4 if I have previously received a StoreFrontLab 888 Grant?StoreFrontLab’s 888 Grant is intended to seed a growing community of designers, artists, writers, makers and others who share our mission. In order to cultivate the broadest breadth of ideas, previous grant recipients are not eligible. However, we support ongoing collaborations with StoreFrontLab alum and invite you to contact us with new project ideas.

I have already submitted my proposal. Can I revise it?
Please email us at, If you have already submitted your proposal and would like to revise it.