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Night 2: EMBRACE: As we settle into the future, we remember the darkness that haunted us about what was to come. But now it has come, and so we must begin, again, to live as we desire to live. We must continue to imagine what is possible. Part tea house, part bath house, part body-painting immersion, EMBRACE connects our mind and body through healing group activities.Featuring works by Gita Khandagle and Hillary Jones.

In 2011, Robert Glass and Darryl Jones organized a group of designers and artists in the Bay Area around an open salon. This initial gathering was meant to motivate the making and critiquing of our work, while providing a space for a conversation.  An ongoing monthly series of nomadic meetups followed with the intention of sharing our voices to expand techniques and insights.

We search for objectivity as a state of truth beyond an observer’s individual biases, interpretations, and feelings.  Figure drawing sessions, outdoor excursions, art shows, and live performances continue in various private and public venues as we scout for a more permanent collaborative place. CLIMAX presents their initial immersive art experience that turns the gallery into a canvas and audience in to artists.

Robert Glass
Robert Glass is an artist, designer, and educator with interests in the intersection between people and places.  His artwork is sparked both by these gatherings where abstract figure drawings express a reinterpretation of form, and further excursions into the California landscape evoke plein air watercolor painting and poetry from the Haiku masters of Japan.  

Darryl Jones
Darryl is an artist and filmmaker based in Oakland, CA. His lifelong quest is to unite his love of film with his love of landscape. This journey has taken him down many roads rich with watercolor sketches, haiku poetry, theatre performances, binge-watching, filmmaking and unguided walking tours.

Gita Khandagle
Gita is a designer and artist interested in representing the revelations of our environment. Her work has consisted of assemblages of videography, prints, recordings and found objects, layered to recall the dreams, reveries and experiences of the landscape. Raised in Los Angeles and currently residing in Oakland, California's distinctive culture and terrain serve as the launching point of her explorations.

Hillary Jones
Hillary is an artist and designer who runs her own small creative studio in Oakland, specializing in art direction, identity and environmental design. She relocated to California from the East coast in 2013. Her creative work is inspired by the diverse landscapes of the Bay Area, as well as her passion for women's rights and the intersections of feminism.

Untitled, Gita Khandagle (left) and Forms of Resistance, Hillary Jones

Untitled, Gita Khandagle (left) and Forms of Resistance, Hillary Jones