Miguel Arzabe's Excursions

Upcoming Excursions:
Monday October 6, 9AM - 1PM
Friday October 10, 9AM - 1PM
Monday October 13, 9AM - 1PM
Saturday October 18, 9AM - 1PM

Join StoreFrontLab artist-in-residence Miguel Arzabe on outings throughout the Bay Area for his performance series Excursions, the offsite component to his current StoreFrontLab installation, sightlines.

Last Friday, September 26, Arzabe led a small group of hikers on an extraordinary excursion through a Coastal Redwood trail in southeast Oakland. It was a silent hike that commenced in a residential neighborhood, transected the unusual site of an urban fly-fishing pool and climbed through a steep grade of waterfalls, ferns, and footbridges before arriving at the overlook. Upon arrival, the group delighted in their discovery of an embedded concrete tablet, relocated from the StoreFrontLab gallery space.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming excursion, please email: arzabe*at*gmail