October 24-26: I Love Extremophiles

October 24-26, 2014

StoreFrontLab is pleased to present the upcoming exhibition, I Love Extremophiles, by New York-based experimental landscape studio, GRNASFCK, opening Friday, October 24. Get back to basics with extremophile bacteria, nature's original metabolic organisms, and now the de-facto stewards of the post-industrial landscape. GRNASFCK will transform the gallery into a laboratory and a conference center to illuminate the forms and habitats of these little-known urban citizens, and examine diversity and hyper-resiliancy at the microscale.

On Saturday, October 25, GRNASFCK's Summit on Invisible Urbanism will gather experts for a discussion about the potential for extremophiles to act as silent partners in the remediation of contaminated urban sites, and the possibility of design to act as a physical coping mechanism when challenged by environmental flux. How does one thrive in a wasteland?

March to the EPA!
Friday October 24, 3pm
Please email studio*at*greenasfuck*dot*com for covert details

Opening Happy Hour
Friday October 24, 6-8pm
Stop by for some post-protest libations with GRNASFCK

Summit on Invisible Urbanism
Saturday October 25, 11am-2pm• David Fletcher, Landscape Architect, Fletcher Studio
• Andrew Cal, Molecular Genetics + Cell Biology, Mango Materials
• Nicholas Korrody, Artist, Theorist + Writer, Archinect
• Geneva Travis, Management Consultant, Water Division of ARCADIS
• Murphy Stein, R&D, Google; Futurist
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Gallery Open Hours
12-6pm all weekend